About us

Women’s Rights House NGO (Hereinafter WRH) was founded in 2017 in the Shirak region (Gyumri, Armenia). It was created around the idea of women’s rights, common interests, equality and security, by promoting the protection of women’s rights, advocating for a change in public policy on their issues and providing needs-based various services․

It is important to work with a feminist approach in the field of women’s rights protection because this approach also excludes any kind of discrimination, injustice, and/or unequal treatment towards any group of the community.

Women’s Rights House supports girls, women and their children by providing free legal, psychological and social counseling, as well as financial support for safe shelters, food and hygiene items in cases of domestic/sexual violence, as well as the organization provides legal and social counseling in cases of labor rights violations. The Organization also contributes to the economic empowerment of women and girls, promoting their involvement in the labor market, entrepreneurship and education. In addition, supports the acquisition of new professions and the promotion of women’s political participation.

Since 2022, the organization has been selected as Regional Center for the Prevention of Domestic/Sexual Violence in the Shirak region by the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The goals
  • to promote the full realization of women’s fundamental rights, to strengthen the community, to prevent violence against them and to protect their rights from abuse and from exploitation,
  • raise the level of awareness and knowledge of women,
  • provide needs-based support,
  • economic empowerment of women,
  • promote women’s participation in political decision-making;
  • to support the development of democracy in Armenia.
  • Protection of women’s and children’s rights and prevention of gender-based violence against them, particularly domestic/sexual violence.
  • Women’s economic empowerment and protection of labor rights, particularly the achievement of financial independence, as well as promoting their involvement in the labor market, education, and business spheres.
  • Promotion of women’s participation in political decision-making processes.
The mission
of the organization is to promote an equal, prosperous and secure environment for women by preventing violence against them, supporting them and promoting participation in all spheres of life.
The vision
of the organization is to have a society where gender equality is guaranteed, women are protected from any kind of violence, and they have the necessary conditions to ensure their well-being.
The values
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Equality
  • Variety
  • Solidarity
  • Member of the Youth and Women’s Employment Council attached to the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • Member of the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women,
  • Member of the council for Preventing Domestic Violence Attached to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs,
  • Member of the Public monitoring group of the State non-commercial organizations’ group (SNCO),
  • Member of the Monitoring Group in Psychiatric Institutions,
  • Member of the selection committee providing financial compensation to victims of domestic violence by the state,
  • Member at Independent Observer Group,
  • Member of the Public Council on women’s rights adjunct attached to the RA Human Rights Defender,
  • Member of the Coalition of Domestic Violence Support Centers,
  • Member of the Women’s Economic Empowerment group by the World bank,
  • Member of the Shirak regional commission dealing with gender issues,
  • Member of the Eastern partnership civil society forum Armenian national platform (CSF ANP members group),
  • Member of the coordinating councils of the Akhuryan and Ashotsk regional centers of the United Social Service,
  • Member of the “WAVE” network,
  • Member of the “SHINE” online hub for global knowledge exchange on ending violence against women and girls.
  • *The WRH president was an expert in the Prison Monitoring group in 2017-2018, attached to the Ministry of Justice.