Women’s Rights House’s president/lawyer Karine Davtyan participated in the European Union Visitor Program (EUVP) in May.

Meetings were held within the framework of the project with the Policy Adviser on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality at the Secretariat of the European People’s Party Group in the EU Parliament, Ms. Polixeni Simantiraki, as well as the Policy and Advocacy Manager Andrea Raimondi, as well as the Advocacy and Eastern Partnership Index Manager of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum with Alexandra Sabu in the Secretariat and Diana Tardy, Adviser on Women’s Rights in the European Parliament. In addition, a meeting was held with lawyer Alvaro Gómez del Valle and Central Asia Defense Coordinator Veronica Lapina. Afterwards, a meeting was held with Head of Department Zuzana Hruskova and Administrator Henry Alex Wasung from the Secretariat of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality of the European Parliament. There were also meetings with colleagues from the European Commission’s Coordination Unit for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and the Eastern Partnership, Directorate General for European Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations, including Sofia Lima, Lena Karlsson, Ingrid Bossin and Malin Nissen. The meetings also continued with the Embassy of Armenia and non-governmental organizations dealing with human rights operating in Brussels.

The goal was to share experiences, adapt best practices and promote change.

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