Dear friends, your support and encouragement are important for us!

We support hundreds of women, girls and children by providing various vital services, and for the continuation of this, we ask for your support so together we can create our dream social enterprise.

To support our activities, you can donate through our website:

Brief about us։

As you already know, we support women, girls, and children by providing free legal, psychological and social counselling, as well as financial support for safe housing, food and hygiene supplies, and for urgent health problems caused by violence. In addition, we also provide legal and social consultations on labor rights violations.

We contribute to the economic empowerment of women through the acquisition of new professions and financing of business startups, contributing to the increase of their involvement in entrepreneurship and education, increasing competitiveness in the labor market, and achieving financial stability.

And in this way, we also support women’s involvement in politics and decision-making processes by providing sub-grants aimed at community development.

Since 2022, the Organization has been re-elected by the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as the regional center for the prevention of domestic/sexual violence in Shirak Region.

Thank you for your donation, it will surely serve its purpose.

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