The Women’s Rights House provides free social, psychological, and legal counseling to women and girls who face domestic/sexual violence.

Also, the organization provides a transitional shelter for people who have been subjected to violence and who are in a high-risk area of life, providing pocket money and money for the purchase of hygiene items. 

Social counseling includes an in-depth assessment of the beneficiary’s needs and risks, developing a safety plan in case of violence, providing consultation for job applications and writing competitive CVs, making referrals, in case of need, and provision of other necessary information according to the beneficiary’s need.

Social workers help the beneficiary to solve the problems encountered in her life with her own participation, which prevents her from living a prosperous life, to develop the skills of overcoming life’s difficulties and making decisions.

Psychological counseling includes meetings with a psychologist about the issue presented by the beneficiary, organizing therapies with women, girls, and children, and making referrals to a specialist who provides a service appropriate to the needs of the beneficiary and the problem.

The purpose of psychological counseling is to contribute to the change in the visitor’s behavior so that the visitor can live more effectively, have a feeling of satisfaction with life, the formation and development of skills to build and maintain interpersonal relationships.

Legal counseling includes presenting legal regulations on domestic violence, labor rights, discrimination, and violations of women’s rights and the provision of legal advice in a manner accessible to the beneficiary, both in cases of domestic/sexual violence and labor rights violation. In cases of the child, the organization provides custody, divorce, alimony, and other related issues, formation, and provision of representation in court. 

Thanks to legal support, a person will be able to achieve the restoration of violated rights and justice, have equal opportunities, realize the rights from birth, and live a dignified life.