We are here again to summarize our busy day with you. 

The second day started with the summary of the previous day by Karine Davtyan. Through the game, the participants recalled the knowledge gained the previous day, as well as their favorite and impressed moments.

Then our trainer-psychologist Anet Shamiryan conducted “Adaptation in a new environment. Achievement of emotional stability. Mechanisms” course, during which displaced women tried to understand the important actions of emotional stability through practical work.

The first part of the day was concluded with the team work carried out by Karine Davtyan, which was aimed at better recognition and relaxation of each other.

In the second part of the day, our psychologist Laura Harutyunyan conducted an aquatype therapy, during which the participants painted on glass with three colors of their choice, and then printed the image on paper and analyzed it, finding new characteristics. 

After that, the collection of problems and suggestions of displaced women was carried out by Karine Davtyan and Sirarpi Mikayelyan.

*The program is implemented with the support of the Women’s Resource Center and Sweden.

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