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Women’s Rights House is 5 years old.

From 2017 to date, we have provided services to 3178 beneficiaries, out of which

• 311: legal advice

• 478: psychological counseling, therapies, courses

• 2293: social counseling, of which 154 – advice on job search and writing a competent CV.

During 5 years, we implemented a number of economic empowerment programs, thanks to which 178 women and girls participated in economic empowerment and business skills development courses, of which

• 122 acquired new professions: graphic design, hairdressing, manicure, cooking and confectionery

• 42 received professional tools based on need

• 13 were financed up to AMD 700,000 and started their business startups.

We are happy to state that now 81 women and girls have obtained a job and achieved some financial independence thanks to the economic empowerment programs and the counseling provided on the issue of job searching and creating resumes.

Our team is confident that the main achievement of the past years is your trust, which will allow us to achieve the biggest and most important changes in the protection of women’s rights, raising awareness, economic empowerment, promoting political decision-making.The new achievements and plans are ahead.

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