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Speaker Stella Chandirian , conducted awareness-raising trainings on domestic violence in the following communities of the Shirak region:

On October 17, at School No. 19 of Gyumri,

On October 18, at school No. 1 of Artik,

On October 19, at school No. 1 of Akhuryan,

On November 2, at school No. 1 of Maralik,

On November 3, at the secondary school of Ashotsk.

The meetings are continuous and we will tell about the next meetings soon.

During the meetings, the types of violence, legal regulations, and protection mechanisms, as well as the role and functions of teachers and other specialists in the prevention of violence were discussed.

The “Changing the Agenda on Domestic Violence in Armenia” project is implemented with the “UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women” #UNTF and Coalition to Stop Violence against Women .

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