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Karine Davtyan, a president and lawyer of Women’s Rights House, spoke about women’s rights, problems, employment opportunities in the Shant Gyumri “Tesankyun” program, especially detailed about the results of the analysis of the program implemented by the employment centers operating in Armenia and presented the goals, activities, directions and implemented programs of our organization.

As well as Karine Davtyan and lawyer, expert Vaghinak Ter-Hovhannisyan presented in detail the Increasing the protection of labor rights in Armenia program, within the framework of which we held a state employment survey carried out by the 6 regional centers of the ministry of Labor and social issue of the RA State employment agency in 2021: Analysis of the program 3) Providing support to the unemployed to gain professional work experience in the acquired profession.

We implemented the program with the financial support of European Union in Armenia and People in Need Armenia organization․

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