Karine Davtyan, Women’s Rights House president and lawyer, participated in the “Open World” exchange program hosted by the US Embassy and the Rotary Club in Washington D.C. and Florida.

Gender equality meeting was held in Washington D.C. with Legislative Assistant Amber Nejari. In Florida, there were discussions with St. Augustine Mayor, St. Johns County Commissioner Krista Joseph, Vicki Oakes, and St. Johns County members. Community gender equality was discussed with the Jacksonville Beach City Council and female mayors. Cultural initiatives were talked over with Christina Parrish Stone and Susan Phillips.

Then the Rotary Club and Plantation Club members were introduced to Armenia, its history, culture, and cuisine. We discussed local government and gender equality with Jacksonville’s female mayors, Donna Deegan, Christine Hoffman, and Elaine Brown at Neptune Beach City Hall. In Ponte Vedra Beach, the meeting was conducted with Isabelle Reno, Emily Rhoden, Claire Berry, Jen Kielman, Kelly Barrera, and Chelsea Noelle Leonard on empowering women in business.

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