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The Women’s Rights House provided 6 sub-grants within the framework of the “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Political and Civic Life” project, through which programs aimed at community development were implemented.
1.Through the community development program presented by sub-grantee Mane Vardanyan, the secondary school of the Anushavan village purchased an electronic blackboard, the goal of which is the interactive organization of classes among students in the community, raising the educational level of the society and forming a strong society.
2.The purpose of the community development project presented by the sub-grantee Ani Margaryan was to organize a bicycle race with the participation of the active youth of the community, in which not only the youth of Sarnaghbyur village but also the neighboring communities will be involved.

Cyclists will continue training in order to participate in various championships on behalf of the community.
3.The goal of the community project presented by sub-grantee Varduhi Tsolakyan is to create a playground for children and provide further entertainment.
4.Within the framework of the community development project presented by sub-grantees Ani Simonyan and Venera Babelyan, 2 bus stops and 2 trash cans were installed, the purpose of which was to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.
5. We are happy to announce that 4 thematic courses were held within the framework of the program, in which 100 teenagers and young people participated.
6.Sub-grantees Arpine Vardanyan and Lusine Petrosyan implemented another community development project, the aim of which was to contribute to raising the awareness of 20-25 women and girls of the Gyumri community about the activities of council members, promoting their active participation in community development processes.
The project is implemented with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy.

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