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According to the Shirak Regional Administration, the number of displaced who have settled in Shirak has already reached more than 3,601. As winter approaches, the need is becoming more urgent to support these families.As of October 6, there were 3,601 forcibly displaced persons in the Shirak region. Out of this number, 2,249 persons (578 families) are in Gyumri, 345 persons (80 families) in Artik, 271 persons (60 families) in Ashotsk, 301 persons (88 families in Ani), 88 persons (24 families) in Amasia, and 347 people (85 families) in Akhuryan. Currently, there are 321 students attending schools in the Shirak region, most of them in Gyumri. All of them have been provided with stationery. Additionally, 910 people were registered in primary health care units, while 9 medical personnel are receiving safe treatment. Finally, 3 children were born in the region recently.

The organization continues providing free legal, social, and psychological counseling to forcibly displaced persons.

In addition, we are conducting an in-depth needs assessment of 170 forcibly displaced people from Artsakh to collect their urgent and long-term needs in order to provide appropriate support.

To participate in the needs assessment and receive counseling, you can call our 24/7 hotline: 077 570 870.

To support the activities of the organization, you can make a donation.

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