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The “Women’s Rights House” NGO, with the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), implements the “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Political and Civic Life” project, within the framework of which a small competition is announced.

Within the framework of the project, 140 women and girls of the Shirak region participated in courses on the topics of leadership, women’s political participation, civil activism, human rights, political campaigns, and effective solution to community problems. A three-day youth camp was held, during which meetings were held with the deputies of the National Assembly, the Human Rights Defender, the governor of Shirak, and active representatives of political society, as well as study visits were organized to the Shirak regional administration, Gyumri and Amasia Municipalities, as well as to other cities of Armenia, such as Etchmiadzin, to get acquainted women politicians involved in both the legislative and executive systems and their successes.

Frequently asked questions.

What projects can you present?

– It is mandatory to present project ideas aimed at community development. Business ideas will not be considered for this program.

Who can apply?

– Only those persons who participated in the previous stages of the ” Enhancing Women’s Participation in Political and Civic Life” program can apply for the sub-grant competition.

How can apply?

– They can apply as an individual or as a group.

What is the maximum amount?

– It is planned to provide a total of 9,000 dollars for all 6 projects, from which each individual/group will receive a maximum of 1,500 dollars.

You can get acquainted with the details by going to the following link:…/1bSpyy1dLnlSNqM_282osRssoIY…

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