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On the 2️⃣nd day of the three-day youth camp of “Women’s Participation in Political and Civil Life” project, we had very interesting and productive meetings.

Human rights defender Kristinne Grigoryan presented the international fundamental documents of women’s rights within the framework of human rights and freedoms, the international and Armenian statistical data and shared the upcoming work plans.

Srbuhi Grigoryan, a member of the management board of Bright Armenia Party, spoke about activism, the most important way to achieve changes in the community, and also discussed with the participants of the camp the possibilities of women’s participation in various initiatives and achieving positive changes.

Our speakers told women and girls about their personal experiences, difficulties and successes and shared very useful tips: always be proactive, self-educate and confidently move towards goals․

And at the end, we organized active and educational practical work․

* The project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy.

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